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EXPERT KITS +, Parts Set, Automatic Transmission

EXPERT KITS +, Parts Set, Automatic Transmission

221 277 01 00 kit2
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EXPERT KITS +, Parts Set, Automatic Transmission

221 277 01 00 kit2
Supplementary Article/Info 2with seal
With oil quantity for standard oil change
Packaging Depth [cm]32
Transmission TypeK7X 1000
W7C 700
W7B 700
K7C 1000
W7N 700
W7C 1000
7G-Tronic Plus
W7X 700
Capacity [Litre]7
Quantity UnitKit
Transmission Type7-Speed Automatic Transmission
See accessories list for additionally required parts
for PR numberA89
Supplementary Article/Supplementary Infowith seal
Weight [kg]7.646
Packaging width [cm]25.1
Packaging height [cm]28.1
Recommended replace interval [km]50000
Recommended replace interval [years]5

Safety Advice GHS

Risk Phrases:
H412: Harmful to aquatic life with long lasting effects

Gebrauchsnummern 221 277 01 00 kit2
OE numbers 014 135 0402-MEYLE
014 135 0404-MEYLE
221 277 01 00 kit2-MERCE
222 277 20 00 kit2-MERCE
A 221 277 01 00 kit2-MERCE
A 222 277 20 00 kit2-MERCE
General Information

In the warranty, we always make a distinction between wear parts and vehicle parts. All wear parts are subject to a reduced warranty period and a maximum mileage. For the following wear parts, the warranty periods are limited as follows: EGR valve 15,000 km Throttle bodies 15,000 km Air flow meter 15,000 km Brake components such as brake disks, brake pads, etc. maximum of 1000 km (break-in period). Therefore, warranty claims for brake parts are only reviewed with an installation invoice and a record of the wheel hub run-out measurement, including photos. For brake disks and brake pads, the break-in requirements specified by the vehicle manufacturer must be observed. When replacing brakes, the chassis components must always be checked with regard to clearance and the wheel hub with regard to wobble, and the appropriate documentation must be produced. If the vehicle is no longer in its original condition due to tuning work such as wheel accessories and tracking plates, the entitlement to make warranty claims is lost due to third-party work. The same warranty claims are lost if the vehicle is used for motor sports or similar events.

Products supplied by us are without exception intended for the designated use. Please note that our products are usually delivered without installation instructions. Installation may only be carried out by trained specialist personnel. There is no guarantee for inappropriate, improper or unintended use.

Technical Information

EAN/GTINs 4046001637414
Supplier order number 484-VAI_V302256

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