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Buy V-Ribbed Belt

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What is the V-ribbed belt in a car?

The V-ribbed belt is used in most motorcars and drives a number of different components, such as air conditioners, pumps and more important engine components such as tappets and valves, in some instances. The V-ribbed belt gets its name from the V-shaped grooves that are cut into the belt itself.

Why do you need to replace the V-ribbed belt in a car?

It is important to replace this component, as over time they get frayed, start to crack and eventually end up snapping, causing damage to the engine. By having a look at these belts, you can determine if they need replacement. If you are unsure as to the status of the belts in your car, get your mechanic to give you a second opinion. The easiest place to purchase this component for your car is online at Simply visit the website, locate the parts by entering your requirements into the search menu, select the parts that are applicable to the make, model and engine capacity of your car and then proceed to the checkout stage of the easy online purchase. Here, you can add in the delivery address that you want the V-ribbed belt delivered to. Lastly, make the easy online payment and wait for your V-ribbed belt to be delivered to your door.