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DNOX, Filter, Urea
DNOX, Filter, Urea
D 6006
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What forms the urea injection system in a car?

The urea injection is usually made up of injection valves and urea filters. The urea injection unit is often found in work vehicles and trucks. It is designed to minimize the emissions from the engine. Replacing the components of the urea injection system is important to maintain clean emissions coming from the vehicle.

How can the urea injection system emissions be tested?

A good way to test that the emissions coming from the vehicle are within the legal, internationally set standards is to take the vehicle to a servicing centre and have them use the diagnostic tool to check the emissions coming from the exhaust.

Purchasing a urea injection system online

The convenient purchase method these days is the online purchase. Simply log onto and type your parts requirements into the search menu. Once you have located the urea injection parts that you need, add them to your online basket and then go to the checkout stage of the purchase. Next, enter the delivery address that you would like your parts delivered to (this can be your home address or the address of the centre that is fitting the parts) and make the easy online payment. The beauty of purchasing online is that it can be done from the comfort of your own home at the click of a button.