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DNOX, Filter, Urea
DNOX, Filter, Urea
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What is the function of a urea filter in a vehicle?

The urea filter is designed to reduce harmful exhaust emissions in vehicles. With increasingly strict emission control regulations being implemented around the world, it is important to abide by these emission controls, particularly with commercial vehicles. Fit a urea filter that minimizes emissions.

What does the urea filter do to reduce emissions?

In most instances, the urea filter protects the sensitive injection nozzles and extends the life of components within the engine. The urea filter offers high filtration efficiency over long periods of time.

How can I purchase a urea filter online?

The first step is to visit and locate the filter you require by punching your component request into the search menu. Add in the make, model and engine capacity of your vehicle to select the specific parts you need and add them to your online basket. The benefit of buying online is that it can be done from the comfort of your own home. Next, fill in the address you want the parts delivered to (this can be your home or the fitment centre of your choice). The last step in the online purchase process is to make the final online payment and simply wait for your parts to be delivered. No longer is it necessary to drive long distances in search of car parts, as they can be purchased easily online.