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What are tyre pressure control systems?

A tyre pressure control system refers to a system which monitors the air pressure in pneumatic tyres. The system displays the pressure in all four tyres either in percentages or using a pictogram. Many systems also have a built in warning sensor which will alarm you either if the pressure is reducing dramatically or if the pressure is low. This helps drivers quickly take the necessary measures to save themselves from being stranded or replacing a punctured tyre.

What vehicles use the system?

Many of the latest high-end vehicles come pre-installed with a tyre pressure control system. The system is directly integrated into the car's onboard entertainment system. However, people who don't have vehicles with the system installed can buy an aftermarket one sold by a well-known brand and one that comes backed by a warranty. The system is easy to install and is ideal for people who find themselves making long trips frequently. The system is also comparatively cost effective particularly as it saves you from having to replace a tyre which can be damaged if driven on low air pressure.

Buying a system

We currently sell tyre pressure control system by well-known brands such as HUF, VDO, and VEMO amongst many others. Every system we sell can be installed on just about any vehicle with pneumatic tyres and comes backed by a warranty. However, if you still have questions about our systems feel free to email or call us for more details.