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What is the tripod hub in a car?

The tripod hub in a vehicle is an integral part of the driveshaft and wheel assembly in a car. The tripod hub serves the important function of acting as a joint. A qualified mechanic will need to remove and replace the tripod hub in a car if it is faulty or damaged.

How is the tripod hub removed?

To get to the tripod hub, the front wheel drive shaft, the free wheeling hub and the drive shaft will need to be removed. The drive shaft is then disassembled and the joint boot clamps are removed. Next, the inboard joint tulips are disassembled to get to the part in question. The first step is to log onto and type your parts requirements into the search menu. When you have located the parts menu you need, punch in the make, model and engine capacity of your vehicle to gain access to the different manufacturers of the parts you want to purchase. Select the part that suits your car and your pocket, and then go to the checkout stage of the purchase. Complete the delivery address fields (either your home address or the address of your fitment centre) and then complete the easy online payment. Now sit back in the comfort of your own home and wait for the parts to be delivered.