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What is a transmission?

When purchasing a new vehicle, one of the factors you've probably considered is whether to buy a manual or automatic transmission vehicle. While manual transmission is generally considered as old technology because it has existed ever since the invention of the automobile, it has certainly improved over the years. Manual gives you a greater degree of control over the vehicle. The driver has the ability to rev up the engine and then disengage the engine via the clutch. An automatic transmission as the term suggests does not require constant manual engagement and disengagement of the engine to the vehicle. Automatics are very common in the UK, and outnumber manual vehicles.

How to know there is a problem with your transmission?

Whether you drive an automatic or manual transmission, the first sign of a problem is usually issues with powering the vehicle. If you drive an automatic vehicle, you'll feel a tug as the vehicle is accelerated off from a stop. If you drive a manual, you'll have to apply lots of power to get the vehicle moving. Some vehicles may also emit a grinding sound signalling to a problem with the transmission lines. Regardless, of the problem it is important to get the vehicle examined by a professional.

Buying the right transmission parts

Every vehicle manufacturer uses their own set of transmission parts. This means that one vehicle's transmission cannot be used in another. So, you'll always have to buy parts which are custom built for that specific model. This is regardless of if you have a manual or automatic transmission vehicle. The easiest way to find the right transmission replacement parts is to search via part number above. If you have a problem locating the right replacement parts do not hesitate to call us for assistance.