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Torsion Damper, Clutch
Torsion Damper, Clutch
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The all-important torsion damper

The torsion damper is usually situated behind the engine to absorb shock and vibrations. It is used to keep engine torque peaks and operational irregularities away from the powertrain. Torsional vibrations and noise can become problematic if the torsion damper is worn. This is due to the forces operating in the powertrain that are not reduced, resulting in increased noise and vibrations and reduced driving comfort.

How is it possible to replace the torsion damper in a car?

The most reliable way to determine if your torsion damper needs replacement is to let your servicing centre test drive the vehicle to determine if there is excessive noise and vibration caused by a worn part.

How do I purchase a torsion damper online?

The most convenient method of purchase is through Log onto the website and punch your part requirements into the search menu. Once you have located the spare part you require by punching in the make, model and engine capacity of your car, add the parts to your online basket and go to the checkout stage of the purchase. Here, you can add in the address you require for delivery, either your home address or the address of the centre that is fitting the torsion damper, and finally make the easy online payment. The benefit of purchasing online is that it can be done from the comfort of your own home.