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How important are timing gears in a car?

Timing gears are vital components of your car's engine. If the timing gears are broken or damaged, it can have a bad effect on the engine and even cause major damage to the valves and pistons. Ensuring that the timing gears in your car are in top condition is imperative for the running of the engine.

When should I replace the timing gears in my car?

Usually, the timing gears in a car will be replaced when the timing chain is replaced. Your mechanic or servicing dealer will alert you that it needs replacement. These gears are usually divided into two categories, and these are crankshaft gears and camshaft gears.

How do I purchase new timing gears for my car?

Gone are the days of having to travel long distances in search of parts shops that might not stock the part you need. Simply go online to and locate the parts you require. Once you have punched in the make, model and engine capacity of your car to select the parts you need, add these parts to your online basket and then go to the checkout stage of the purchase. Here, you can add in the delivery address of your choice and make the easy online payment. It has never been easier to make parts purchases from the comfort of your own home.