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The Timing Gear in Cars

The timing gear is important in cars as it maintains the movement of the valves and keeps them moving in the correct sequence. The timing gear is either driven by a timing chain or a timing belt. Why this gear is so important is that if it is worn in any way and the timing chain slips off the timing gear, there can be catastrophic failure of the engine by the valves being bent out of place. Timing belts and timing chains are usually changed every 60 000 to 90 000 kms and this is the perfect time to ask the servicing mechanic to check the condition of the timing gear. If there are signs of wear or one of the teeth of this gear is chipped, a replacement timing gear should be sourced.

How Long Do Timing Gears Last?

This component of a vehicle is a robust part that usually lasts for many years. But don’t be lulled into thinking that it will last a lifetime. Get the timing gear checked during the annual service of your car and replace it when the mechanic suggests you do so. Rather be safe than sorry and replace the timing gear as soon as it shows signs of wear.

How to Purchase a Timing Gear for Your Car

The easiest manner to purchase a new timing gear for your car is to do it online. Firstly, punch in the year model, make and engine size of your car, and then make the easy selection of the timing gear you require. Add it to your online shopping basket and proceed to checkout. At this stage of the transaction, punch in either the address of the workshop that is fitting the timing gear or simply have it delivered to your home. The online purchase option is way easier than trying to find a spares shop that has the component you require.