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Buy Timing Case/ Gasket

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What does the timing case gasket do in a car?

The timing case gasket is specifically designed to stop dirt from getting into the timing belt chamber and damaging the timing belt. If dirt gets under the timing belt and manages to lift it off the gears that it runs on, it will cause severe damage to the engine. This is why the timing case gasket is so important.

How can I check the timing case gasket?

This component needs to be checked by a qualified mechanic to ensure that it is in good condition. If your mechanic suggests that this component is worn in any way, simply log onto and find the parts you need. It is a very simple exercise to purchase parts at By punching in the make, model and engine size of your car, you will be able to select the parts you require, which in this instance is a timing case gasket set. Add the timing case gasket to your online basket, along with any other components your need, and then move to the checkout stage of the easy online purchase. Here, you can punch in the delivery address of your choice. Lastly, make the final online payment for your timing case gasket and sit back in the comfort of your own home and wait for your parts to be delivered.