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Belt, Timing Belt
Belt, Timing Belt
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Change the timing belt regularly

Any qualified mechanic will tell you about the importance of changing the belts on a vehicle at the suggested manufacturer intervals. If you neglect to replace timing belts you will be doing your vehicle and yourself a disservice. Vehicle manufacturers are very clear about when the vehicle needs a belt replacement. If the vehicle does not have its belt changed and it snaps, all the lifters and valves will get bent and the damage caused to other auto parts will be extensive and expensive.

Ask for the best timing belt replacement

When the time comes to change the timing chains or engine timing belts in vehicles, don’t put it off and insist that your mechanic fits the correct belt for your particular make of vehicle. On modern vehicles it is imperative that the timing belt is fitted in the correct manner and often the water pump will need to be changed at the same time. There are various types of belts on offer, such as toothed belts that have teeth moulded onto their inner surfaces, which drive the camshaft in a combustion vehicle’s engine.

A tip-top timing belt

A non-slip mechanical drive belt is an integral part of all motor vehicles. Remember to always check your vehicle’s service booklet to establish when to replace timing belts or water pumps. Always ensure that your engine timing belt is regularly checked and replaced if it shows wear and tear as this will be the cheaper than dealing with resulting problems further down the line.