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Thermostat, Coolant
Thermostat, Coolant
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The thermostat controls the heat

Every single motor vehicle is equipped to deal with the heating up and cooling down of the engine and this is done through the use of thermostats. To maintain the lowest possible temperature in a vehicle, however, the correct parts need to be fitted. If the engine is not cooling properly it can overheat and this will cause major damage, such as head gaskets blowing. The temperature of the water and coolant in the radiator of all vehicles needs to be kept constant and as low as possible through the use of these thermostats.

Each thermostat is critical

The way thermostats work is that they detect the increase in heat and then expand. With this expansion they allow the cooling fans to kick in, which cool the water and coolant in the radiator. This cooled water then gets transferred around the engine and cools it down. Thermostats are a very necessary part of vehicle maintenance and should be replaced, if they are not working, with quality parts exclusively. Engine management systems in newer vehicles will pick up a large fluctuation in temperature before a critical overheating is reached. This cooling feature safeguards the engine from seizing up.

The thermostat keeps things cool

Keeping the temperature down within the engine is the main aim of the thermostat. The fluids, be they water or coolant, are cooled by the radiator fans and this keeps the temperature at a constant level within the engine. Cooling this water and coolant in the radiator is a vital feature of all motor cars and this is why the thermostat is so important. When buying yours, insist exclusively on quality parts and not cheap knock-offs that will not last for a long time, because the correct part can save your engine.