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Car Test Connection – For Compressed Air in the Engine

Air is an essential part of keeping an engine running, so much so that if the compressed air system fails the engine can be damaged. For this reason it is essential to keep the compressed air system working properly. One of the most common problems is air leaks, which can occur at a number of places in the system. Regularly checking car test connections is a good way to avoid leaks occurring and getting out of control.

Replacing Car Test Connections in the Air System

Replacing these car test connections is a relatively quick and simple job, taking only a few moments of time and manageable by DIY mechanics and even casual car owners. The real trick is, however, finding out at which of these car test connections a leak might have occurred. There are a number of ways to check for leaks, and some can even be spotted by simply feeling for escaping air, but other leaks may be far more elusive. Some mechanics recommend pouring water on a car test connection and looking for bubbles. If you fail to find a leak it is advised to seek the help of a professional mechanic.

Installing a New Car Test Connection

A car test connection for compressed air on your engine is not an expensive part by any means, and many of these car test connections are universal in all systems, in many car models. This means that the parts are also not difficult to find for most vehicles. All in all a car test connection is a simple, inexpensive part and should not cause much trouble in any service or repair job. For more information please contact your local professional mechanic or our online shop.