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What is a Car Tailgate control part?


Many large vehicles like 4x4s, for instance, have an active tailgate control switch and mechanism which helps to lock, unlock and in many modern vehicles unmount things like a trailer or a boat attached to it. However, over time the controls can become worn out, or they can even burn out. When that happens, they have to be replaced. Fortunately, most Car Tailgate control parts are easy to replace and are comparatively cheap. The only thing you need to be mindful of is to buy genuine parts. A genuine part will ensure that the tailgate control works exactly as it is meant to without putting stress on the vehicle’s electronics.


How to ensure you are getting the right part?


Buying the right Car Tailgate control parts and accessories can be a little tricky especially if you own one of the newer vehicles with sensors. However, we have made finding and the buying parts easy because all you need is to search via their part number. If you are not sure of the part number, it should be listed in the vehicle’s user manual amongst other tailgate components. That said apart from OEM brands there are several different brands from which to choose. We only sell from a selection of brands that we trust to deliver the best quality in the industry.


All parts are genuine with a warranty sells a vast selection of tailgate and other vehicle parts by established brands. We work hard to ensure that our buyers benefit from good quality parts and that too at a competitive price point. So, you will save money when choosing to buy from us. Also, you’ll save more money with free shipping within the UK with purchases from