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Switch valves for cars

Many cars (usually SUV's, pick-up trucks and vans) make use of a differential locking system that allows the vehicle to go through thick sand and tougher conditions by “locking up” two of the wheels so that they turn at the same rate. This differential system is controlled by a differential lock valve switch within the cabin. Over time, this switch valve can degrade through wear-and-tear and needs to be replaced.

Finding the correct switch valves you need

If you find that the switch valve or differential lock valve switch in your car needs replacing, then don’t hesitate to find the part you require online. It is no longer necessary to drive to numerous different parts stores in search of the part you need, as it can be done from the comfort of your own home.

How to purchase switch valves online?

The first step in this easy process is to locate the switch valve you require from your PC or laptop at home. Once you have located the switch valve you need, add it to your online basket and then proceed with the checkout phase of the online transaction. For the address portion of the transaction, add in either your home address or the address of the servicing centre that will be fitting the part. Lastly, conclude the online transaction and wait for your part to be delivered.