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Why is the suspension system of a car very important?


The suspension system of the car will offer a smooth ride. You will have better control of the car. The friction between the road and the tires will be maximized with a very good suspension system. It will offer very good road stability and better steering ability. The passengers inside the car will enjoy a better and a smooth ride in a car that has very good suspension system. The impact on the worst roads will be reduced when using good suspensions. There are several components that make up a very good suspension system.


The important components of the car’s suspension system


The springs, struts and the shock absorbers form the major parts of the suspension system of the car. Springs The spring supports the entire weight of the car. It will absorb all the road shock when the car falls in the road bumps. The coil system springs are commonly used in the front and the rear axle of the vehicle. The spring of the car need to be replaced if the ride height measurements are not as per the specifications. Struts The struts offer the main structural feature for the car’s suspension. It will work as a shock absorber to reduce the spring movements when they compress and rebound back to their normal size. They will offer structural support by holding the tires in an aligned position. The struts are important to ensure the driving comfort and stability. They also are involved with the vehicle braking, tire wear and wheel alignment. Shock absorbers It is hard to imagine traveling in a car without the shock absorbers. The shocks will force the hydraulic fluid through the piston valves as the suspension moves up and down according to the road conditions. The shock absorbers will prevent the vehicle from bouncing continuously.


The salient features of car suspension system


The springs will offer great support for the wheels and the chassis. It is better to use stiff springs in cars that carry a lot of load. The shocks absorb the vehicle’s energy. The right kind of shocks will offer better vehicle durability. The shocks are designed in such a way that they will withstand the heat of the fast car engines. The suspension system will offer the perfect balance for the vehicle on the road.