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What is a suspension system?

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High quality suspension system parts for all leading brands in the UK.

The suspension system of all vehicles consist of the tires, the air in the tires, the shock absorbers on all four sides, springs, wheels and linkages. The suspension serves two purposes, the first being to make it easy for the vehicle to grip the road and improve handling. The second being to make the drive comfortable and pleasurable. So, the better a suspension system is the more comfortable your ride will be. All vehicles have their own specific suspension types. Some vehicles have harder suspensions that work great over bumpy roads, while others may have softer suspensions which are good for smooth roads. Some vehicles allow the driver to alter the suspension based on the terrain they are driving over

Signs of a bad suspension

One of the signs of a bad suspension is lots of road noise. You will also experience an otherwise rough ride, not to mention lots of creaking. When the suspension becomes really bad it can end up ruining the handling of your vehicle, often resulting in the vehicle drifting to one side. In the event you experience this type of problem we strongly advise getting in touch with a certified mechanic right away.

Buying the right parts

As mentioned above all vehicles have their own suspension parts which are not interchangeable. This means that you cannot use shocks meant for a Toyota Corolla on a BMW 3 Series. So, if you own a BMW 3 Series you’ll need to buy suspension parts specifically meant for this vehicle. The easiest way to search for the right parts is via the part number. However, you can also sort through our inventory by manufacturer of your vehicle. If you are still having problems do not hesitate to contact us.