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Buy Suspension Strut Bearing

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What is a suspension strut bearing?

The suspension strut bearing is the upper pivot point for the strut assembly and it allows the strut to rotate when the wheels are turned. When the suspension strut bearing is worn, a knocking noise can be heard when going over bumps and there are noises during turning.

When should the suspension strut bearing be replaced?

Suspension strut bearings should be replaced when the struts are replaced. It is recommended that struts be replaced in pairs. It is always advised that a qualified mechanic check the steering and suspension for signs of wear. Wheel alignment should be done if new components are added to the suspension. The easiest method of purchase is online. Visit and punch in the make, model and engine capacity of your car to locate the correct suspension strut bearing. Add this bearing to your online basket and then go to the checkout stage of the purchase. Here, you can add in the delivery address you require (either your home address or the address of your servicing dealer). The next step is to make the final easy online payment. All that is left to do is sit back in the comfort of your own home and wait for your parts to be delivered. Is that your doorbell I hear ringing?