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What do sunroof parts include?


Over the years many cars have been manufactured and sold with sunroofs. As a matter of fact, cars with sunroofs command a higher sales and re-sale value on average. However, there are various types of sunroofs, some automatic which can slide back with the push of a button while others are manual. So, sunroof parts differ depending on the kind of vehicle you own and what’s wrong with it. Generally speaking, the parts consist of rails, glass panel, control brackets, motor, drive and the frame. If anyone of these parts fails, the sunroof will not work.


Common problems with sunroofs


Even though the technology behind sunroofs has improved over the years, they still suffer from a number of inherent problems. A few common problems which may prompt the replacement of parts include the roof not retracting, sticking glass panel, smashed glass panel, motor noise, rust, etc. The best way to get a problem diagnosed is to visit a professional mechanic. If he recommends replacing certain sunroof parts only then should they be replaced and that too with genuine parts only.


Buying genuine sunroof parts


We sell only genuine sunroof parts for almost all vehicles including BMWs, Honda Civics, Toyota Corollas, Mercedes, etc. All parts sold are genuine, or manufacturer recommended. So, you can always be assured of quality parts that will last you a long time. Buyers also save each time they buy genuine parts from