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Cover, Sun Visor
Cover, Sun Visor
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Sun Visors Improve Visibility When Driving

If the visor is broken in your vehicle, it might have the effect of hindering your driving in bright sunlight. How often have you been driving into the setting sun and the glare almost blinds you? Well, in these instances, the driver’s vision is impaired and this can cause accidents. By being able to pull the sun visor down in the car, it will allow the driver to maintain eye contact with the road even in bright sunlight. Sun visors are usually attached at two points inside the car and work on a hinge above the driver’s head. The one side of the sun visor can usually be unclipped and moved parallel with the driver and passenger’s window to deflect sunlight coming in from the side, when necessary.

Replacing the Sun Visor

By entering the make and model of your car into the provided fields during the online purchase of your new sun visor, you will be ensuring that the correct part is delivered to your desired address. Fitting the new sun visor is quite easy and usually requires simply screwing the new visor in place into the existing holes provided in the roof lining. In more modern vehicles, which have illuminated vanity mirrors and reading lights built into them, it might be necessary to get a qualified technician to install the new visor and connect up the accompanying electrics.

Sun Visors Have Been Around a Long Time

Sun visors have been present in cars since the 1920s and traditionally were made of pressboard covered in vinyl. In later years polypropylene and molded visors became more prominent, increasing the robustness of this component. Sun visors will always be a prominent feature in modern vehicles, and their ability to block out bright sunlight, which improves the driver’s ability to see clearly, makes this an important component of all cars.