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What is the stub axle seal on a car?

The stub axle seal seals off the stub axle to prevent dirt from building up at the end of the stub axle. The stub axle is a short axle that joins the wheel to the steering assembly. This component needs to be kept in top condition, as it can become a safety hazard if dirt is allowed to get into it and wear it down.

How can I check my stub axle seal on the car?

Unfortunately, checking the condition of your stub axle seals is only possible by consulting a qualified mechanic who can put your car on a hoist to check its condition. Your mechanic will also be able to alert you if there are any anomalies with the stub axle or the stub axle seal.

What is the most convenient way to purchase a stub axle seal?

In today’s busy world, why would you want to drive long distances in search of a car part? Simply log onto and locate the stub axle seal and any other parts that pertain to the particular make, model and engine size of your car. Add them to your online basket. Next, move on to the checkout phase of the online purchase and enter the delivery address you require. Lastly, complete the final payment fields and sit back and wait for your parts to be delivered.