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Buy Stub Axle Repair Kit

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What is a Car Stub Axle Repair Kit? 

Also referred to as a stub axle, it is comprised of any one of the two axles in the front of the car and carries the wheel. The axel has limited movement across its kingpin. The Car Stub Axle Repair Kit consists of wheel bearings which help to support the wheel hub. The name of this part merely stems from the fact that it happens to resemble a stub shape i.e. the end of a truncated axle which is blunt and short. When the stub fails there is a good chance that the car’s maneuverability will be severely limited and can even pose a danger to the occupants of the vehicle. So, it should be replaced urgently.  

How to know that the stub axle is faulty? 

Generally speaking if the steering feels hard, or if you hear a creaking noise when cornering the vehicle, it is an indicator of a problem with the axle. However, it is near impossible to tell if that problem is directly related to the stub axel. That said the best thing to do if you hear any type of sound from the vehicle is to visit a mechanic. The mechanic should be able to determine the source of the problem and then you can buy the appropriate Car Stub Axle Repair Kit. We would advise against buying a kit without first having the vehicle examined by a professional.  

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