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Responsive steering – more control

A driver’s chances of avoiding an accident increase in a vehicle with steering that is highly responsive. This responsiveness allows the person behind the wheel to maintain tighter control in difficult driving situations. There is nothing worse than steering a vehicle that is unresponsive and loose. Many car accidents can be attributed to excess play in steering column systems and this hinders the driver’s power over their driving performance.

Be safe on the road

Drivers and passengers benefit from increased control when steering is more direct. Get behind the wheel of a vehicle that has lots of play in its steering column and it will soon become clear how important it is to be able to steer correctly without having to make adjustments for this excessive play which can cause irregularities while driving. These irregularities can impinge on safety when driving and particularly cornering.

Steering: the heart of a safe driving experience

The loss of control in a vehicle can be attributed to a number of factors, with the incorrect setting up of handling being one of them. Steering rack systems need to be free from any form of play to ensure that cars operate at their optimum. Maintaining efficient cornering is paramount and is also directly linked to wheels maintaining perfect contact with the tarmac, without side to side movement or dangerous shuddering. The steering of a vehicle rests at the heart of a safe driving experience.