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Tensioner Guide, Timing Chain
Tensioner Guide, Timing Chain
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The Timing Chain Tension Guide (Slide Rail)

The timing chain tension guide, sometimes also referred to as the slide rail, is a critical component of a car’s engine and keeps the timing chain taut and free of play. By keeping tension on the timing chain it ensures that the timing chain stays on the timing gears at all times. If for any reason there is excess play in the timing chain, it can jump off the timing gear and cause failure of the engine and even bend the valves. The single function of the timing chain tension guide is to alleviate any play in the timing chain.

When to Replace a Timing Chain Tension Guide

The tension guide on a car is a robust part but it is suggested that when the timing chain is replaced, the timing chain tension guide be checked for signs of wear. If there are any indicators of wear, it can then be replaced at the same time as the new timing chain is fitted. Usually the timing chain is changed every four or five years, so spending a little extra money on replacing the timing chain tension guide is well worth it. If the servicing mechanic suggests that this component be replaced along with the timing chain, don’t hesitate to do so.

Where to Purchase a Timing Chain Tension Guide

The easiest method of purchasing a timing chain tension guide is online. No longer is it necessary to drive long distances in search of car parts that parts suppliers might not stock. Now it is as easy as going online, inputting the make, year model and engine size of the car into the online search and selecting the correct timing chain tension guide or timing chain slide rail of your choice. Complete the online purchase from the comfort of your own home without any fuss and have the component delivered directly to your service centre.