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Damper, End Silencer
Damper, End Silencer
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Silencers in Cars

Every vehicle needs a silencer to reduce the noise levels made by the engine. This component has a couple of functions, which include reducing noise levels and funneling exhaust gases to the rear of the car. Silencers trap noise effectively and dampen engine sounds, which enhances the driving experience. The silencer in a vehicle is connected by piping on either side of it, with one section of piping forming the exhaust tail pipe and the other going towards the engine’s manifold which connects to the engine. Usually the exhaust pipes and silencers are welded or bolted together to form a strong bond.

Silencer Wear and Tear

Usually, after a number of years, the silencer in a car might need replacement due to the onset of rust and corrosion. This rust occurs due to the constant contact with water thrown up from the road and the combination of heat in the exhaust itself. Silencers are easy to replace, and by inputting the year model and make of the vehicle during your online purchase, it is easy to have the correct component delivered right to your doorstep

Fitting the Silencers

If you have a silencer that needs fitting, it is advisable to take it to an exhaust fitment centre. It is possible to fit a silencer at home but you will need welding equipment to do the job. Silencers are usually not expensive to purchase and their good build quality will ensure they last for many years and give you the quiet driving experience you require. Not only do these components serve the function of dampening the car’s engine sounds, but they also serve the function of creating back-pressure to the engine, which reduces petrol consumption. A vehicle that has a silencer with a hole in it will consume more fuel than one that has a complete and functional exhaust system.