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Side Panel
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Side Panels for Cars

Cars are made up of a variety of body parts, such as fenders, bonnets, doors and side panels. Often what occurs is that, if a vehicle is involved in an accident, a side panel or one of the other body parts can become damaged. If the accident is severe enough, the panel will need to be replaced with a new panel. Usually panels that are kinked are replaced as it takes too much work for panel beaters to get the panel back into its original shape. Purchasing a new side panel is the route to go to save costs.

Fitting the New Side Panel

Once the new side panel is received, the panel beaters who are fitting the panel will spray the new side panel the same colour as the car and fit and align it. The spraying and fitment of the panel will usually take a couple of days to complete so you might need to arrange for alternative transport. Once this job is complete, the car will look like it’s never been in an accident. Replacing the ugly dented side panel on your car is one way of bringing your car back to its original pristine condition.

Going Online for Your Side Panels

The easiest way to purchase parts for your car, including side panels, is to buy them online. Why take long trips and spend lots of money on fuel trying to find a spares shop that probably doesn’t stock the part you require anyway. Simply go online, punch in the make, model and engine size of your car and then select the side panel you need. Punch in the delivery address of the panel beater where you want the panel delivered to and then conclude the online purchase.