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Light, Side Lamp
Light, Side Lamp
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Car Side Marker Lights – Safety First

Car side marker lights can be found on some model vehicles, serving the purpose of making the dimensions of a vehicle very apparent at a quick glance. This is helpful to both the vehicle’s driver and other drivers, helping to prevent accidents and avoid hitting barriers or making difficult manoeuvres in close quarters. Although car side markers are not by any means essential, they provide an extra level of awareness that cannot be overlooked if it helps avoid unnecessary scrapes, scratches and bumps. Be sure to keep any car side marker light on your vehicle working and well maintained.

The Price of Car Side Marker Lights

A car side marker light is not an expensive item to replace, generally costing no more than the cost of a new bulb or lens. The trick is, however, that car side marker lights are normally very specific to a vehicle model, meaning that the correct design must be found. If you are struggling to find a car side marker light for your vehicle, be sure to keep in mind that one may be ordered directly from the manufacturer. Also keep in mind that the task of changing the car side marker light is normally very quick and easy, and should not require the assistance of a mechanic.

Replacing Car Side Marker Lights

The process of changing a car side marker light is designed to be easy in most model vehicles, requiring no more than a screwdriver and a few moments of time. If you find you are struggling be sure to consult the vehicle's manual or check for an online guide. There may be a simple clip or screw that needs to be located. You may also consult a professional mechanic who will be sure to help.