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The side light indicator

When the driver of a vehicle has the intention to turn in a certain direction, he/she uses the side light indicator to signal the direction of this intention to other drivers.

How the side light indicator functions

Sometimes known as trafficators, the side light indicator operates by projecting from the bodywork of the vehicle. Depending on the manufacturer, in right-handed vehicles, the side light indicator is located either on the right side or left side of the steering wheel. In a nutshell, drivers use the side light indicator to signal to the vehicles driving behind them and next to them, that they intend to change lanes or turn. Also, the side indicator is used to communicate which direction the driver intends to go, either right or left. The side indicator is one of many ways for drivers to communicate on the road. This kind of communication prevents vehicle accidents. In modern vehicles, manufacturers have added more functions to the side light indicator which include headlamps and high beam controls. These parts are integrated into the signal control, which requires either a twisting motion or the use of a small switch. A working indicator is essential