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Valve, Clutch Control
Valve, Clutch Control
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Car Shuttle Valves – What are they?

Car shuttle valves make up part of the very complex clutch system, serving an essential function which the clutch would not function correctly without. Since the clutch is an absolutely essential part of the vehicle, the system must be maintained diligently, and this includes the car shuttle valve. DIY mechanics will be aware of the part and understand its function, making the maintenance consist of just a bit of elbow grease. For casual car owners, however, it is essential to ensure your mechanic gives the car shuttle valve the correct attention when performing a regular service.

Replacing Car Shuttle Valves

If the car shuttle valve is worn, clogged or otherwise damaged, it may be possible to simply clean the part instead of replacing it. If replacing is absolutely essential, be sure to do so sooner rather than later, as seemingly small problems may quickly snowball and eventually lead to bigger or more serious issues with the clutch system. Keep in mind that car shuttle valves may be specific to certain car models, and your vehicle may need the part ordered from a manufacturer. Older model vehicles may require the part be sourced from a second-hand car dealership or scrapyard.

Signs Your Clutch May Need Attention

Being so regularly used, a vehicle owner is very familiar with the clutch. If gear changing is no longer smooth, the pedal feels too tight or too slack, or the vehicle stutters on gear changing, your clutch system likely needs attention. The problem may be the car shuttle valve, although such symptoms may also indicate other issues. Get the car to a mechanic for inspection as soon as is possible and be sure the car shuttle valve is included in the servicing.