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Car Service Intervals – Keep Your Car Going Longer

The importance of regular car service intervals cannot be overstated. Simple upkeep and maintenance prevents small problems from getting out of control, and ensures that your vehicle will stay working at maximum performance for longer. In fact, it is estimated that keeping a steady car service interval schedule can increase the vehicle’s lifespan by months or even years. The question is: what is a good schedule to keep? The answer varies depending on who you ask, and also the make and model of the vehicle. The nature of the service, however, is always more or less the same.

How Long Between Car Service Intervals?

Some mechanics say every three months, some say every six months, others say every time your odometer clicks over to a certain distance. But some drivers push their vehicles to faster speeds than others, and some are more reckless, so the specific times given should all be taken with a pinch of salt. The obvious answer to the question is, of course, that a car service interval should be done when the car needs it. When exactly this is can only be decided by the driver.

A Good Car Service Interval - What Should Be Done?

Changing the oil is obvious, but what else should be done at a car service interval? The plugs should be cleaned, and changed if necessary, the fuel system flushed and cleaned, the tyres checked, the lights checked, the fuses checked, and of course the engine given a once over. The longer the time between car service intervals, the more thorough the service should be, and the longer the car has been driving, the more necessary each task. Eventually, of course, a major service will be required, and the amount of time needed for the service will increase.