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What is an engine temperature sensor?

An engine temperature sensor is also referred to as a coolant temperature sensor. In the vast majority of the latest vehicles, the reading from the sensor is sent to the ECU or Electronic Control Unit of the vehicle, where the data is used by the computer to adjust ignition timing and fuel injection. The onboard computer may also decide to turn on and speed up the cooling fan as required by the engine. In some vehicles, the sensor sends the data to a readable meter on the dashboard which tells the driver how hot the coolant has become.

How to know there is a problem?

In most cases if the engine temperature sensor is not working your car may not be able to start, the car because it will report an error. But the sensor does not fail immediately or all of a sudden in most cases. The failure is gradual. So, if you notice that your car becomes unexplainably hot, or the fan does not turn on, then the problem could be the sensor. However, before you buy a sensor get the car examined by a certified mechanic. Fortunately, the sensor is not difficult or expensive to repair on most vehicles.

Buying the right sensor

There are various types of coolant temperature sensors. The type of sensor in your vehicle will depend on the manufacturer and model. That said the easiest way to find the right sensor is to match the part number on the existing sensor to the ones listed above. But if you still need assistance then do not hesitate to call or email us for details.