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Turn Knob, Seat Back Adjustment
Turn Knob, Seat Back Adjustment
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Seat Adjustment Controls in Cars

All vehicles have seat-adjustment controls and they are either electric controls or mechanical controls. These controls adjust the angle of the back of the driver and passenger’s seat to offer the best possible seating position. Traditionally, these controls are positioned next to the driver’s seat closest to the driver’s door, and on the passenger seat closest to the passenger door. It is very important to have the seat at the correct angle, particularly for the driver, so that the correct seating position is attained, offering clear vision for the driver through the windscreen.

Manual Seat Adjustment Controls are Common

Many vehicles utilize manually operated mechanical controls that allows the seat angle to be changed. These controls are spring operated and click in place once the seat is in the desired position. Over time, these manual controls can break and then a new component part will need to be purchased. By inputting the correct year model and make of the vehicle during the online purchase, the correct part will be dispatched and delivered to your doorstep.

Electric Seat Adjustment Controls

Many modern vehicles come standard with electric seat adjustment controls and these controls can also become faulty over time. These controls can easily be purchased online and fitted by a motor vehicle electrician at a nominal cost. Again, quoting the year model and specific make of the vehicle is important to be supplied with the correct part. Driving a vehicle with a broken seat adjustment control unit is dangerous due to the driver not being able to sit in the optimum driving position. Keep your seats under control by fitting the seat controls and you will be assured the safest possible drive.