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Original VAICO Quality, Buffer
Original VAICO Quality, Buffer
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Car Rubber Buffers – Exhaust Muffler Essentials

The exhaust muffler is a well-known part of the vehicle, mostly because when it is damaged the sound is deafening and demands attention. This sound can occur if the exhaust system develops a hole, due to rust or damage, or if parts become loose. One part that may cause this problem if not maintained is the car rubber buffer. When being worn down or damaged, the car rubber buffer will cause problems, hence it is essential to ensure that it is in good condition and working order.

Replacing Car Rubber Buffers

Car rubber buffers are not expensive and can be replaced relatively easily, making the job suitable for casual DIY mechanics and vehicle owners. Also, a car rubber buffer has a generally long lifespan and does not need to be replaced often. If the part does need to be changed, be absolutely certain that the correct design is purchased, since there are many designs that fit many types of exhaust systems. If in doubt about which car rubber buffer you need, be sure to do research online or contact a professional mechanic.

Finding Car Rubber Buffers for an Old Vehicle

It may be difficult to find the correct car rubber buffer if you have an older model vehicle. You may try ordering the part directly from the manufacturer, but this may be more expensive. If the manufacturer does not stock the part then be certain to search at scrapyards or second-hand car dealerships. In the worst case scenario, the exhaust system can be replaced as a whole, but this job will be far more time consuming and costly. Some mechanics may even custom make the required part if they are capable, saving both time and money.