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How does a rubber buffer improve a vehicle’s performance?


The role of a rubber buffer is to mainly hold the engine securely to the mounting while minimizing vibrations from the engine. When the engine is held securely, it's able to deliver optimal power without it having to deal with the vibrations which can throw the vehicle off balance. However, the engine mounting as does the buffers wear off after a few hundred kilometers and has to be replaced. Fortunately, replacing them, for the most part, does not take a lot of time, and the buffers are comparatively cheap.


How to know that the engine mounting is worn out?


One of the telltale signs of a worn-out mounting is excessive vibrations. However, at times the engine may also noticeably fall to the side at which the mounting has broken or become loose. A quick visual inspection should determine if the engine mounting is at fault or if it’s the rubber buffer. In either case, the mounting and the accompanying rubber will have to be replaced. Most mechanics also recommend replacing all mountings so that they last a long time.


Buy branded and original mountings and buffers


We sell an array of original rubber buffers and mountings for a large number of vehicles. So, whether you own the latest model or an old one you can find a branded mounting by searching via the part number on You’ll also save time and money on shipping when buying from us.