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Original VEMO Quality, Regulator
Original VEMO Quality, Regulator
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Why Cars Need Automotive Voltage Regulators

What an automotive voltage regulator does in a car is that it controls the voltage produced by the alternator to recharge the battery. This regulator ensures that the alternator maintains the required voltage, usually between 13.5 and 14.5 volts. At this particular voltage it safely recharges the battery while also protecting the electrical components and circuitry in the car. These electrical components include the lighting system, wiring, electrical motors and stereo systems.

When Do the Automotive Voltage Regulators Kick In?

The automotive voltage regulator starts working as soon as the ignition is switched on and current comes from the battery. Power comes through the starter motor and turns the engine over to begin the combustion process. Once the engine is running, a belt causes the alternator to turn and produce power. This power moves from the alternator to the battery via the automotive voltage regulator. Some regulators use electromechanical components that cause a break in the voltage circuit to stop the flow of power and these are mainly found in older vehicles. In more modern vehicles automotive regulators utilize electrical components to pause and start the electrical flow.

Where to Buy A New Automotive Voltage Regulator

The easiest way to get hold of a new regulator for your car is to find it online. By inputting the make, year model and engine capacity of your vehicle you will be able to locate the regulator you need. Add in either the delivery address of the mechanic who will be fitting the component or your home address, finish of the final payment fields, and then sit back and wait for your automotive voltage regulator to be delivered. No longer is it necessary to drive long distances in the hope of finding the correct parts for your car as these can now be purchased online.