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Rear fog light visibility

The rear fog lights, also called fog lamps, are red and shine about as brightly as the brake lights. Fog lights are usually switched on during heavy fog or mist and this illuminates the rear of the vehicle, making it visible to cars driving behind it. The fog lights serve an important safety function for the vehicle by making the rear of the car visible to other motorists. Many accidents have been circumvented because the vehicle has its fog lights on. Many accidents have also occurred because the fog lights in the vehicle have not been switched on.

Rear fog lights increase safety

Fog lights are usually concentrated in a tighter beam and this enables the fog light to be far more visible to other motorists. Rear fog lights have been mandatory on vehicles since 1970 and the inclusion of these high-visibility lights has meant a dramatic reduction in accidents and has also been beneficial in the reduction of road deaths. Rear fog lights can also be switched on during heavy rain or snow to increase visibility of the vehicle.

Rear fog light stays bright

Rear fog lights incorporate bulbs to illuminate the vehicle. If for some reason the fog light bulb blows, a replacement must be fitted. Usually the bulbs are easily accessible by removing the plastic light fitting cover in the boot or hatch of the vehicle. Alternatively, purchase a bulb replacement for the vehicle and ask a qualified mechanic to remove the blown bulb and replace it with the newly purchased one. Rear fog lights are an integral part of all modern vehicles and provide a safety and visibility feature for the vehicle. These lights should always be working in the vehicle.