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Heat Exchanger, Hydraulic Oil
Heat Exchanger, Hydraulic Oil
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Radiators – Aided by air

Radiators in any vehicle must be maintained correctly to allow for cooling of the engine. If this is malfunctioning, it can cause severe damage. This can cause it to blow or seize and it won’t be long before oil is pouring out. Air also comes in from outside the vehicle and cools the engine, and this cooling air reduces the friction that takes place.

Radiators keep your car cool

When your vehicle goes in for its annual service, it is imperative to have the mechanic check its coolant levels to ensure that the engine runs at its optimum performance. Fuel types have little bearing on the performance of most ordinary vehicles but cooling is still a very important aspect of vehicle management, be it through the radiator, or through items such as condensers in the air-conditioning unit. One thing that all vehicles have in common, be they cars, SUVs, or trucks, is a radiator that is the cooling hub of the vehicle and it is a vital component.

Radiators – a vital component

The fuel system, condensers, air, and oils all play an important part in maintenance as do radiators, for without these we would have no system to reduce heat levels in the vehicle. Always ask you service department to not only check any condensers or your fuel system, but also pressure test your radiator for oil leaks when they service the car, because if this is leaking it will eventually lead to the car overheating and the pistons seizing. Radiators are very important to maintain and keep in tip-top working condition at all times. People often make the mistake of not adding coolant and topping up with water. This often causes the engine to overheat and if this occurs it can be critically damaged. If even a small water or oil leak is detected, the component should be removed by a qualified mechanic and replaced with a genuine replacement part.