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Original VAICO Quality, Hose Line
Original VAICO Quality, Hose Line
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Radiator hoses with high quality

Every single part plays an important role in the functioning of your car. Therefore, every part needs to fulfil the categories of durability and quality. Radiator hoses from various manufacturers are moulded and shaped to allow a full flow through the very tight bends in your engine. The radiator hoses are very important to relieve pressure in the radiator networks. Various hoses contain a cover, which is heat and ozone resistant, improving their durability.

Radiator hose composition

Radiator hoses are manufactured to resist electrochemical degradation, which is known to be the leading cause of hose failure. Therefore there are specifications, which theses hoses meet, to be able to give you and your car the quality that you deserve. From a variety of branched hoses to straight hoses. From heavy-duty hoses to wire reinforced hoses. According to your car’s needs, a specific hose will be required. These hoses are compatible with most coolants, however not all are compatible with either fuel or oil transfers.

Upgrade your radiator hoses

As mentioned above, there are a variety of different hoses, which are all equipped with the characteristic of being both flexible and stable at the same time. These hoses have a temperature range from approximately -40°C to 125/149°C, depending on the composition and make. A valuable question, however, is how do you know if a radiator-hose needs to be replaced? The answer is if it feels in any way soft or brittle. The avoidance of replacing a hose at the end has bigger cost consequences than replacing the hose itself.