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The car propshaft

The propshaft in a car is an integral part that allows the engine to transfer power to the wheels. Without a fully functioning propshaft, the car will not be able to drive. If you are at all concerned about the integrity of your car propshaft, ask you mechanic to check it the next time your car is in for a service. There are a number of things that need to be checked on the car propshaft assembly and these parts are usually the bearing, mounting, universal joint and propshaft itself.

How to install a propshaft

Only qualified technicians can replace or work on a propshaft assembly. Sometimes a propshaft can get bent and then it will need replacement. Usually, when a new car propshaft is fitted it will need to be balanced by a propshaft fitment centre. Purchasing quality propshaft parts is the first step to maintaining a perfectly running vehicle.

A good car propshaft is vital

Whether you drive a rear wheel drive high performance car or a workhorse such as a pickup, both make use of a propshaft to drive the rear wheels of the vehicle. The reason for the propshaft in a pickup truck is so that the wheels that are driven by the propshaft, the rear wheels remain under the load and this allows for easier transporting. High performance vehicles also make use of a propshaft to drive the rear wheels and this improves performance, particularly in rally cars. The car propshaft is an integral part of many cars and pickup trucks and needs to be kept in peak condition at all times.