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EXPERT KITS +, Thermostat, Oil Cooling
EXPERT KITS +, Thermostat, Oil Cooling
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Oil Cooling Thermostat

The oil thermostat can be used with any oil cooler on a car. High performance vehicles require large oil coolers to ensure that their oil does not overheat during strenuous usage. Oil thermostats provide the critical function of bypassing the oil cooler until the oil has reached its maximum operating temperature. Another great function of the oil thermostat is to reduce engine wear and loss of horsepower by preventing oil temperatures going below their optimum temperature levels.

Benefits of Oil Thermostats

This component allows less than 10% of the fluid to circulate through the cooler to eliminate air pockets and prevent coder fluids trapped in the oil cooler from shocking the engine. Oil thermostats are light and compact by nature, making them easy to fit to most engines. These oil thermostats can be used for a number of applications, such as universal oil temperature control in engines, transmissions and differentials. The oil thermostat offers many positive features that will enhance the operation of the car.

Buy Your Oil Thermostat Online

The easiest method for purchasing an oil thermostat is to go online, punch in the make, year model and engine size of your car and locate the oil thermostat you require. Add it to your online basket, along with any other car parts you desire, fill in the required delivery address - either that of your mechanic or directly to your home - and sit back and wait for the parts to be delivered. No longer is it necessary to drive long distances and waste money on fuel as all car components and parts can be purchased online at the click of a button.