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How good is an NGK Glow-Plug?

NGK is without a doubt one of the leading manufacturers of high quality spark and glow plugs. The company’s glow plugs are sold in dozens of countries across the world including parts of Africa. Every NGK Glow-Plug has been designed for maximum performance and durability. The company focuses a lot of attention on manufacturing the plugs from top quality materials so that they last longer. It is for this reason that their glow plugs can last up to 20,000 to 30,000 kilometers longer than the competitors. So, the slightly higher price point is justified, not to mention the fact that the plugs also improve fuel efficiency.

When should a glow plug be replaced?

The glow plugs are mainly designed to work for upwards of 150,000 kilometers. However, the life of a glow plug primarily depends on the design of the diesel engine, and the quality of fuel. Obviously, some glow plugs fail before they even reach the 100,000-kilometer mark. That said you can identify issues relating to a failing glow plug which include trouble starting the car, hiccups when driving and knocking. Experts recommend that vehicle owners replace their glow plugs right away in order to avoid damage to the engine and many highly recommended using a set of NGK Glow-Plug which is known to last long.

Replace your glow plugs today sells a large selection of branded glow plugs for just about every diesel engine vehicle driven in Europe. So, whether you own an SUV or a regular hatchback, you’ll find the right size and type here. Plus, buyers will save on time, money and shipping when they purchase NGK Glow-Plug in bulk from