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Easy to Use Towbars with Simple Installation with a Towbar Mounting Kit

A towing system comprises of: the towbar itself, supplemental brakes, and a towbar mounting kit that includes mounting brackets and plates, bolts and any other accessories needed for proper installation. Towbars are the most useful and versatile form of car accessories for safe and convenient towing methods and help in protecting a vehicle’s transmission too. These also serve as valuable additions to a vehicle, improving its resale value. Regardless of the type of towbar used, a towbar mounting kit is required to connect to the towed vehicle.

Towbars Offer Functionality and Versatility

The type of towbar mounting kit will depend on the type of towbar chosen for its specific purpose. One of the more favoured types is the flanged towbar, which is used for commercial and leisure purposes. Together with the towbar mounting kit, additional accessories can include bicycle carriers, bumper protection plates and drop plates.

Proper Installation of Towbar Mounting Kit

Failure to properly install a towing system onto your vehicle will put lives and property at risk. Ensure all manufacturer guidelines and step-by-step instructions for wiring connections are adhered to, in order to satisfy all safety and legal requirements. Good quality towbar mounting kits ensure that your load is carried safely while you are on the road, whether you are towing bicycles, camping equipment, or a box trailer carrying furniture to your new home.