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febi Plus, Switch, Child Lock/Door Lock
febi Plus, Switch, Child Lock/Door Lock
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Motor Relay Switch – Passing on the Power

At first it may not be glaringly apparent, but relay switches and controls, including the motor relay switch, contribute directly to the smooth functioning of a car. These forms of control, like the motor relay switch, form part of a complex myriad maze electrical system that operates primary systems such as the starter motor. Modern innovations such as heated rear view mirrors, for example, rely on electromechanical devices for activation and control.

What a Relay Switch Does

When activated, an electrical motor relay switch sends the signal for electricity to flow. This process sees that a small amount of electricity or power is channelled from one electrical circuit to trigger a larger one. A service manual can provide an accurate view of the wiring intricacies of the electric circuit to help identify and replace a failing motor relay switch.

Factors Affecting Electrical Relays

Even a motor relay switch is susceptible to wear damage and needs replacing. Through continued use, countless of times over, stress is placed on the switch that may lead to a faulty device. Other contributing factors that may require motor switch replacement include varying extreme temperatures of hot and cold environments and an overheated engine, which may affect the proper workings of the switch. Malfunctioning motor relay switches can be the cause of errant electric power, this causes all sorts of electrical problems.