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Mirror, Outside Mirror
Mirror, Outside Mirror
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Car Mirrors are Vital

Each and every vehicle should be equipped with side mirrors. Not only do they increase visibility dramatically for the driver of the vehicle but they also improve the safety for the occupants as the driver is able to see what is coming up behind the vehicle and can often prevent a rear-end crash by utilising the mirrors. All drivers are taught to use both their side mirrors for parking and reversing the vehicle into tight spots. As a driver, once you become accustomed to using your side mirrors, you will quickly become a better driver and be less prone to accidents.

Mirror Design in Cars

Side mirrors in cars are ergonomically designed and their sleek curves reduce wind drag and, in so doing, improve petrol consumption. There are a few different designs of side mirrors and these include manual ones that are adjusted by hand, either on the glass itself or from a mechanical lever within the vehicle. Alternatively, the electric mirror and its adjustment is operated from an electrical switch within the vehicle. Electric mirror switches usually appear on a small panel on the driver’s side of the vehicle and both mirrors can be adjusted from this position.

Mirror Glass in Cars

Each side mirror, whether electric or manually operated, is fitted with a mirror glass, which is cut to the size of the housing. If this glass cracks or breaks, it can be purchased as a separate entity as opposed to purchasing the entire unit. The glass is usually held in place with a few sturdy clips that are found within the housing. By removing the shattered pieces and replacing them with the new glass, your vehicle will be ready to get back on the road in no time at all.