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Mirror Switches – Important Devices for Safe Driving

The function of the mirror switch is least thought of when it comes to the operations of a vehicle, yet it contributes a significant role in safer driving. What happens on the road (the actions of other drivers or the environment) and how much the driver is aware of what is happening around him can save lives. Mirrors play their part in keeping the driver informed, which is why car owners should replace a faulty mirror switch as soon as is possible. A mirror switch is part of the electrical engineering system in a modern vehicle.

Important Mirror Functions in a Car

The rear view mirror provides an enhanced view of the road behind the vehicle without the driver having to take his eyes off the road and turn his head around. Side view mirrors also form part of driver visibility enhancing equipment. These provide vital information on what is happening to the right and left of the driver, on entering the traffic from a stationary position and when changing lanes.

Replacing Faulty Mirror Switches

An electric mirror switch controls the various types of mirrors in a vehicle: rear view, driver and passenger side mirrors and even towing mirrors. This device is run on electrical power sourced from the battery. Faulty electric mirror switches need replacing - a driver is not able to position mirrors accordingly if these are not working.