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Bearing, Crankshaft
Bearing, Crankshaft
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Main Bearings Crankshafts Play an Important Role in the Operations of an Engine

The engine system in a vehicle consists of an integrated complex network of components, one of which is the main bearings crankshaft. The main responsibility of the crankshaft bearings is to help support the engine to rotate. In its supporting role, a main bearings crankshaft opens itself to the stresses of wear and tear as the bearings have to lower the friction between the spinning crankshaft and the fixed engine block.

Factors That Deteriorate Main Bearings Crankshaft

The service life of the main bearings crankshaft can be affected by a number of factors that would necessitate the need for replacement parts. Dirt contamination, heat, loss of lubrication and abrasion are just some of the causes of worn crankshaft bearings. Unfortunately, it is hard to tell when bearings are damaged (unless there are warning signs) or how long they will last, as it is not as simple as checking motor oil.

External Signs of Bearings Crankshaft Problems

There are a few external warning signs that may indicate that there is a fault with the main bearings crankshaft. One of these is an oil leak from the crankshaft - the smell of oil burning when the engine is running or wet patches of oil where your car is been parked indicate a wear in the main bearings crankshaft and replacement parts are needed.