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Heat Exchanger, Intercooler
Heat Exchanger, Intercooler
8MK 376 912-234
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Improve the Power Efficiency of Your Engine with Low Temperature Cooler

For car engines, low temperature cooler components help improve the power efficiency of combustion. The primary role of low temperature coolers is to cool down liquids or gases in the engine as cooler air burns more effectively than warmer air. For cars with turbo chargers in them, or those featuring forced induction engines, low temperature coolers offer more of an advantage. Intercoolers offer multiple benefits such as better fuel economy, less pollutant emissions and less thermal stress on the car’s motor system, leading to improved service life of parts.

The Crucial Role of Low Temperature Cooler

Why is hot air bad for car engines, and the use of low temperature coolers or heat exchangers needed? The lower density of hot air has fewer molecules of oxygen, which means not as much air is available for engines, and consequently, the power produced is lowered.

Types of Low Temperature Coolers

There are two types of intercooler systems available: air-to-air and air-to-water