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What types of car lights to buy?

Cars use various types of lights which include headlights, indicator lights, rear lights, fog lamps and even internal lighting. However, the size, shape and type of lights used will vary depending on the vehicle you own. Some cars use the latest projection lights while older cars use crystal lights and special LED lamps. That said when buying car lights it’s important to buy ones that are meant for your vehicle. You need to check everything from the power rating right down to the size and shape. Buying the wrong lights will make them hard to install.

How to replace the lights?

Replacing the car lights on a vehicle vary in difficulty. Some headlights and fog lamps can be easily screwed off, and the new ones can be screwed on as easily. But some vehicles will require removing a couple of parts to reach the lights. In most cases you may be able to find instructions as to how to install and take off the old lights in the vehicle’s user manual. If that’s not the case, get in touch with a certified mechanic.

Buying the right lights

Buying the right car lights require that you match the shape and type of the lamps to the ones listed on our website. You can also sort the lights based on your particular vehicle’s make and model. If you need help finding the right car lights, then feel free to get in touch with us.