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Buy Licence Plate Light Bulb

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Licence Plate Light Bulbs for optimum light output

The licence plate light bulb is part of a vehicle’s auxiliary lighting system, which is mounted to the lower front and rear sides of the vehicle. The licence plate light bulb illuminates the surface area of the licence plate, to ensure clear legibility in the darkness and from a distance.

What You Should Look for in a Replacement Licence Plate Light Bulb

Car owners have the choice to opt for high quality, reliable and durable licence plate light bulb products, with low current consumption, that offer a long service life. Bulbs should emit a bright light strong enough to adequately illumine the licence plate surface area. Dim lights may warrant unwanted attention from law enforcement officials. Two bulbs per license plate are required. Direct replacement licence plate light bulbs for optimum light output are perfectly suitable for use on all makes and models of cars and meet the durability and other superior demands of the industry and legislation. Choice in light bulbs includes halogen and LED, depending on the car owner’s preference. In addition to light bulbs for licence plates, car owners can also find replacement bulbs for other conventional car lights such as headlamps and fog lamps, as well as brake tail lights. Other replacement accessories include licence plate frames and brackets for a range of vehicle types, including trailers and campers.